9 machines asking questions about the essence of the human spirit and Divinity on the earth.


A Vaudeville spectacle, where an unknown machine inventor is trying to understand the world through the machine he is building. In every machine rests a secret that can be revealed only while operating the machine to and with the audience participation.


Join a theatrical sensation, that you do not know how you will return after back to the world!

Script and performance: Shahar Marom

Artistic guidance: Sharon Gabay

Machines design & construction:

Shahar marom & Sharon Gabay

Original Music: Daniel Sapir

Costumes design: Sophia Trotoush

Tap dance choreography: Gal Ribak

Light design: Shahar marom & Yael sady

  • Obligatory spectators participation

  • Nudity, Obscenity and Blasphemy

  • Spectacle in English

Machine Man


Machines (In order of appearance):


Fame Machine:

“Singing in the Rain” - Musical adaptation.

Singing & playing: Rotem Bar Or


Mistake Machine: 

Electronic Piano design, software and assembling: Sharon Gabay

Lifting and hanging mechanism guide: Eitan Cahana


Laughter Machine:

Circus & Artistic guidance: Nimrod Farchy


Sleeping Machine:

Puppet Manipulation & Artistic guidance: Ariel Doron

Singing voices: Eiyar Marom


Time Machine: 

Video shooting, Editing & Artistic guidance: Iris Domany

Machine Man Balada:

Lyrics & Tune: Shahar Marom

Musical adaptation & accordion-playing guidance: Pere Romani


Stage manager: Daria Meyer & Yael Sady

Light technician: Yael Sady

Sound technician: Mariia Ponomarenko

Theater manager: Jenya Kapitsky

Theater marketing: Liza Shkolnik

Digital media content: Amit Gour

Graphic design: Ira Maron

PR: Rachel Vilner

Digital Media marketing: Ruslan Nikulin

Theater association board: Alex Mogle & Hanit Nov


Many thanks to: Keren Yavetz, Ehud Marom, Alex Mogle, Yuval Kedem, Amit Gour, Nadia Kucher, Israel Erlanger and anyone who came and gave artistic guidance.


The Machine Man Spectacle was produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts.

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