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פוסטר להצגה MUZEUM


In 1990s’ Tel-Aviv, a zombie apocalypse occurred, that led to the extinction of half of the cities’ population. The museum exhibits the history of the outbreak and the spread of the zombie pandemic, describes the bravery of the survivors and of those who fought against the zombies and immortalizes their stories. In addition, since the outbreak, the museum is used as a rehabilitation facility that returns zombies as functional members of society. Almost 100 rehabilitated zombies inhabit the building (Beit Teper), and some of them are even guides in the museum. Visitors will be exposed to the advanced scientifical methods of zombie rehabilitation and integration into Israeli society. 

יוצרים ושחקנים

Original music: Shira Z. Carmel, Daniel Sapir, Amit Gour

Costume design: Sofia Trotosh Scarlet

Movement accompaniment: Noam Rubinstein, Gal Levinson

Lighting design: Shahar Marom

Production: Zhenya Kapitsky

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