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Tel Aviv-Yafo

Popsicle Festival Be well Maurice Magee

A story about an unusual friendship in a tiny world full of magic

Popsicle Festival Be well Maurice Magee

Time & Location

23 Aug, 11:00 – 11:50

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Giborim St 5 st, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

על ההצגה

Adapted from the story by Philip S. Steed and illustrations by Erin A. Steed

Maurice is a little man who lives in a toolbox in a workshop. Every morning he goes to work at the zoo and meets his best friends: the flexible elephant, the nimble turtle, the cold rhinoceros, the penguin who speaks penguin and the owl who is afraid of the dark. When Morris arrives, the zoo comes alive: Morris checks, hugs, plays and laughs, encourages and measures, showers and blows (the nose) and also sings a lullaby on a branch.

But one day, Morris didn't show up for work. The worried animals decided to take action...

A story about an unusual friendship in a tiny world full of magic.

..."It is difficult to adapt such delicate children's books for the show and preserve their special spirit, but Mein Reznik and Ayelet Golan from the Caron Theater did exactly that, and more. They created a small miracle..." Mako website (parents and children) 2017

"This is a work full of charm and inventions, bringing to life a small, moving and heartwarming story. It also benefits from the contribution of Yonatan Ben Haim, a veteran of the caravan, whose warm and ironic voice accompanies the play as a narrator." Shai Bar-Yaakov, Yedioth Ahronoth

The joint creation of Mein Reznik and Ayelet Golan

Visual language, design, and acting: Ma'in Raznik \\ Writing: Tzipor Fromkin \\ Director: Ayelet Golan \\ Narrator: Yonatan Ben Haim \\ Music, sound editing and lighting design: Dan Karger \\ Design and construction of the table: Gilad Nardi \\ Consulting and artistic accompaniment: Naomi Yoeli, Marit Ben-Israel \\ Production: The Caron Theater

Duration of the show:  45 minutes

For ages: 3 - 8





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