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Ménage à trois | בית לשלושה תונה מהצגה

Ménage à trois

"You who are here at the door,
Walk in the paths of passion, of love and of the body in heat,
But remember - death is always lurking, you must keep your guard!" (M.L.)

Threesome offers a visit to Madam Levin's museum of automata, presenting a collection of advanced machines telling the sensational story of a woman with groundbreaking sexuality and with a passion for developing lethal machines who lived between the two world wars. The audience is invited in groups of three to a tour in the museum, with no human guidance, giving the audience a glimpse into the life story of an incredible inventor, whose life was seeped in creation, erotica and loss and who lived free up to her last day.

*A museum tour will start every 10 minutes | Please arrive approx. 10 minutes before your tour starts | The tour is recommended for ages 16 and above

Ménage à trois

יוצרים ושחקנים

Monastery video art and desert island sketches: Maayan Sofia Weisstub
Art: Galit Katan, Sergey Kapitsky
Acting producer: Maya Mishor
Production: Hanut31 Theatre&Gallery
Artistic guidance: Uri Zamir, Dori Parnes


Special thanks to: The Akko Festival Art Committee, The Milatis Group's Friday morning salon.
With the support of the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts | The Ministry of Culture | The Tel Aviv Municipality


הכרטיסים אזלו

30.5.24, 16:00

בית לשלושה | Ménage à trois

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